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Abrasive grinding wheels

Abrasive grinding wheels - descriptions, photos and technical specifications, global manufacturers. Send inquiries to the manufacturers and contact them directly.

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Abrasive grinding wheel

Grinding wheel for surface and external grinders. Superabrasive diamond and (CBN) (cubic boron nitride)  tool for higher quality, durable and effective grinding, and machining. more …

Abrasive grinding wheel

Hot pressed CBN grinding wheel, primarily, for steel industry. This grinding wheel is used at high speeds - around 80 M/S, and with a pressure, applied to the wheel, can exceed a ton. more …

Abrasive grinding wheel

Centerless grinding wheel for grinding or plunge in a row, especially for mass production. This wheel can be bonded with vitrified or resinoid. more …

Abrasive grinding wheel

Double-disk grinding wheel is mainly used for mass production in order to repeat the same thickness of machined parts. These wheels are usually bonded with resin bond, but can also be achieved with vitrified bond. more …

Abrasive grinding wheel

Electroplated diamond grinding wheel, concave or convex for correction or grinding of magnetic ferrites used for electrical contacts on starters, alternators, engines, etc. ... more …

Abrasive grinding wheel

more …

  Selected 0 from 6 products