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Peter-wolters Products Web site

Selected product from "Peter Wolters"
Double wheel fine grinding machine

Model: AC microLine 470 – 2000 F

Manufacturer: Peter Wolters

Double wheel fine grinding machine AC microLine - it is a high productivity machine from the AC microLine 470 - 2000 series. The special modular system of main machine's components together with the precision of the latest and best drive-, control- and precision measuring technologies deliver reliability of the process and make the system very comfortable to operate. Fully covered process areas and easily removable machine linings give the best industrial safety and accessibility. For automatic unloading and loading the upper wheel can be swung out.
Peter Wolters double wheel fine grinding machine's features:
Fine Grinding;
Very good adaption of the machine to application requirement;
Durable, solid cast iron frame;
Very good swing and vibration damping;
High process precision;
High machine stiffness.

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