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Bose-electroforce-systems-group Products Web site

Selected product from "Bose - ElectroForce Systems Group"
ElectroForce TestBench Instrument

Model: ElectroForce® TestBench

Manufacturer: Bose - ElectroForce Systems Group

TestBench ElectroForce® configurations were special designed for component testing in mind, thanks to modular approach, a wide array of performance capabilities and configurations are possible.
TestBench system ElectroForce® can be multi-axis and multi-channel. The PCI controller WinTest® can provide control for up to 8 channels at a time. Also, reaction brackets are designed to allow attachment of testing components or the testing specimen to the mounting in baseplate. As an environmental option, a saline bath may be provided. By selecting ElectroForce® motor packages and the proper baseplate, a variety of test needs can be addressed.

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