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Selected product from "PASI"
Exploration seismograph

Model: 16S-U&P

Manufacturer: PASI

Exploration seismograph is a our new version of well known model 16S-N, lighter, smaller and with a newest, user friendly interface. The seismograph available in version 16S-U (USB interface for ext. PC) and version 16S-P (with int. PC and touchscreen), 24 and 12 channels.
Able to perform reflection, refraction, microtremors and MASW, it is the ideal field instrument (less than 3 kg for the version 16S-U).
The new seismograph's characteristics - is the unique possibility to serialize two units, to obtain a instrument with 48 channels.
The seismograph of the series 16S-P and 16S-U are ideal solution for MICROTREMORS and MASW acquisition. This methods are used for  determination of shearwave velocity (Vs), which is the very good indicator for, strictly related to earthquake hazard, soil stiffness.

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