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Peter-wolters Products Web site

Selected product from "Peter Wolters"
Internal grinding machine

Model: VOUMARD VM 300

Manufacturer: Peter Wolters

Large capacity internal grinding machine - production centre. The range's various versions permit to propose machines, which adapted to very large batch production and toolroom grinders. All short workpieces may be held in a centreless system or chuck, long work materials are held in steadyrest. Loading and unloading - manual or automatic. Peter Wolters machine's turret optional can be equipped with spindles (four), allowing external and internal grinding operations. Precise indexing (HIRTH gear) by curvic coupling.
Optional axes:
(B axis) optional workhead swivel, intended for taper grinding;
(U axis) optional workhead cross slide, allows to increase machine's grinding capacity (O/D);
(C axis) optonal workhead spindle rotation control - thread or cam grinding;
(D axis) complementary axis, - dresser point rotation control.

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