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Selected product from "PRC"
Laser cutting machine

Model: GL

Manufacturer: PRC

Laser cutting machine 1000/1500/2000 Watt GL series - it is a compact design laser cutting system, suited for direct integration to any cutting machines. This cutting machine is great for laser retrofits on moving or fixed systems. CO2 laser boast a discharge efficiency to 25%, low gas consumption - only 5-10 l. per hour.
Laser cutting machines features:
  • Patented TURBO FLOW compressor;
  • Compact single enclosure laser;
  • Low gas consumption (on PRC GEM technology based);
  • Solid state hi-voltage power supplies;
  • Touch screen diagnostics and control;
  • Eyesafe 10.6 Micron standard, available other wavelengths;
  • M^2 low as 1.3 (Kfactor .77).

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