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Optek-danulat Products Web site

Selected product from "optek-Danulat"
Photometric converter Control 4000

Model: C4000

Manufacturer: optek-Danulat

The converter C4000 is a powerful, microprocessor-based photometric converter. The advanced modular design enables precision process control and monitoring. This flexible photometric converter is designed for optek near-infrared (NIR), ultraviolet (UV), visible (VIS) absorption-based and scattered-light based sensors.
The white high contrast display is very easy to read and remains configurable. The photometric converter's menu-based software is easy to configure and use, is available in English, Russian, German, Dutch, French, Portuguese and Spanish. The graphic display show concentration, absorbance and transmittance in any unit of measure such as ppm, CU, EBC, FTU, and g/l and in real time. These measurements may also be displayed as trend values, text or bar graphs.
The Control 4000 is available in various configurations to satisfy the exact needs of your process.
• Multiple photometric sensors
• Multiple parameter sets
• Multiple linearization tables
• Data logger
• Factory zero for scattered light sensors
• Remote control
• Ex proof versions FM and ATEX
Use with optek sensors!

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