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Polishing machines

Polishing machines - descriptions, photos and technical specifications, global manufacturers. Send inquiries to the manufacturers and contact them directly.

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Polishing machine

Single side polishing machine from company Peter Wolters - it's a precision polishing with continuously adjustable speed. Peter Wolters offers very durable machines with options for cooled lapping wheel, variable speed and pneumatic loading system, depending upon the more …

Polishing machine

Double wheel lapping machine - AC microLine 470 - 2000 L series. The lapping machines AC series from Peter Wolters are able to accept work material of different shapes, i.e. irregular, rectangular or round and full surface or surfaces with cut-outs. Also, for work materials and more …

Polishing machine

Double wheel polishing machines - it is a complete range from AC 470 P to AC 2000 P machines. The polishing machines from Peter Wolters are suitable for the machining of delicate of thin parts. All working processes and methods are productive, flexible and very simple. During the more …

Polishing machine

Single side lapping machine 3R 380 - 600 - it's a table-top lapping instrument with continuously adjustable speed. This lapping machine from Peter Wolters main area of use - in university research institutes and laboratories. The lapping machine 3R 600 - 1200 - production machine for more …

  Selected 0 from 4 products