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Selected product from "BESTA"
Vertically mounted level switch for pump and valve control

Model: A 01 140

Manufacturer: BESTA

Whenever a mechanical level switch cannot be installed horizontally, Besta offers the option to install a Trimod Besta level switch through the top of a vessel. Switches with a float type 140, 141, 142 or 145 are suitable for a vertical installation. Any function, from On-Off  to pump and valve control is possible. The installation can be done over open tanks by using a bracket. On closed tanks on the manhole cover with the float mounted from the inside. In absence of a manhole, when the float cannot be mounted from the outside, an intermediate flange of min. DN 125 or 5'' should be used. Trimod Besta vertical switches cover a measuring range up to 4.5 m.

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