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Viscosity meters

Viscosity meters - descriptions, photos and technical specifications, global manufacturers. Send inquiries to the manufacturers and contact them directly.

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Portable micro-viscometer

The MINIVIS product series are automatic, temperature controlled micro falling-ball viscometers used for all kinds of Newtonian liquids. The use of reflection sensors makes it possible to cover a wide range of applications: samples as dark as used oil, heavy-oil, black ink and blood more …

Hoppler falling ball viscometer

The falling-ball viscometer enables the precise measurement of the dynamic viscosity of clear liquids or gases. Different test balls will be used for samples of low viscosity in the chemical industry, pharma industry, food industry or crude oil industry. more …

In-line viscosity sensor

In-Line viscosity meter - model M50. In-line sensor for measuring of low viscosity (<2000cps), pressure (<20psi/1.4Bar) and flow (<5gpm/19lpm). Viscosity Range: 0.1-2,000 cps. more …

Laboratory viscometer

The PIVI is the only portable viscometer as stable in process as in lab. PRINCIPLE : The active part of the PIVI is a vibrating rod, held in oscillation by a constant electrical power. The vibration amplitude varies according to the product viscosity where the rod is immersed. ADVANTAGES more …

Rotational viscometer

MERLIN Viscometer is a rotational high performance viscosity meter capable of yield stress and steady shear testing in a compact size, rugged footprint. Viscosity meter is designed for rheological tests - single point viscosity, for example, checks for QC. The MERLIN is ideal to more …

Stabinger viscometer

Rotational viscometer for oil viscosity. The SVM 3000 viscosity meter works according to a patented, new (EP 0 926 481 A2) measuring principle. You need just fill the measuring cell with sample 2,5 ml and obtain both kinematic and dynamic density and viscosity values. Is also more …


The viscosity meter VL800 can adapt to existing tank or piping nozzles and able withstand process temperatures upto 300 C. Also available a high temperature sensor. more …


The viscometer was specifically developed to measure the viscosities of dilute polymer solutions. Viscosity meter provides greater precision, less solvent exposure and faster analysis comparing to conventional glass tubes. This Relative Viscometer is approved ASTM, it's more …

  Selected 0 from 8 products