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Rigid couplings

Rigid couplings - descriptions, photos and technical specifications, global manufacturers. Send inquiries to the manufacturers and contact them directly.

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Rigid coupling

Our composite single-flex disc coupling - the aluminum hub version - has very low inertia and weight, making it an great choice for applications of servo motors. The special unique design delivers a features, not often found in any precision couplings. High durability and high more …

Rigid coupling

Available in 11 sizes, double and single disc models; Torque ratings range - 0.5 -250 Nm; Double disc models provide high misalignment capability; High torsional stiffness, precision positioning; Operating temperature range: -22° - +212° F (-30° - +100 °C); more …

Rigid coupling

The stainless steel disc coupling is a best choice for applications, when required zero backlash and stainless steel. The hardware and hub are made from stainless steel 300 Series. The composite disc materials is highly resistant to harsh chemicals. Comes in Set Screw Style Hub & more …

Rigid coupling

Starflex coupling has a very simple construction of 2 hubs with 1 element inside. Three, different in hardness, kinds of elements, each element is selectable according to torque response and misalignment. The element's material - Polyurethane Elastomer, that realized two torque's more …

Rigid coupling

The disc coupling is an very good choice for applications of zero backlash. It's unique design delivers a features that are rarely can found in any type of precision coupling - it's high torsional stiffness, and also high durability! The clamping system and compact size allow this disc more …

  Selected 0 from 5 products