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Optek-danulat Products Web site

Selected product from "optek-Danulat"
Single channel absorption probe

Model: AS16-F

Manufacturer: optek-Danulat

The absorption probe AS16-F is a high-precision, single channel probe. This stainless steel absorption probe, equipped with an Ingold-style port, is designed for use in inline applications or vessels.
The probe AS16-F uses mainly the light in the visible range (VIS) at selected wavelengths. A precisely defined, constant light beam penetrates the process medium. An optical filter on the lamp side adapts his wavelength for a specific application and allows color measurements with great accuracy (e.g. phase separation water/beer). The absorption probe AS16-F is available with 100 mm extended insertion depth used with larger vessels.
The absorption probe's body demonstrates great durability and fulfills the SIP/CIP requirements demanded by ultra-sanitary process environments. NIST-traceable validation accessories are available as option absolute your measurement confidence.
Universal Colour Measurement with Probe Sensor C4000/AS16-F
Typical Applications:
• Phase Separation
• Colour
• Large Process Pipes
Main Specifications:
Measurement Range: 0 - 3 CU
Various OPL‘s
Wavelengths: Application Specific
Process Temperature: 0 - 100°C
Options: Validation, Long Version, Safety Port BT, Electro-Polished
Use with C4000 converter! 

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