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Bose-electroforce-systems-group Products Web site

Selected product from "Bose - ElectroForce Systems Group"
ElectroForce 3550 Test Instrument

Model: ElectroForce ® 3550

Manufacturer: Bose - ElectroForce Systems Group

The test instrument ElectroForce® 3550 - it is a test instrument with the following features: 15 (3,370 lb) kN dyn. force capability, two motors (linear) mounted in the baseplate. The newest test instrument 3520 has a motor (single), mounted in the baseplate, rated - 7.5 kN cpct. Each test instrument has (2 in) 50 mm displacement, is available optional +/- 49 Nm torsion motor. Dynamic performance is dependent on test specimen characteristics, configuration and fixturing. Typical test applications for the 3550 and 3520 test instruments include:
Automotive and aerospace components;
Engineered materials, including composites and reinforced plastics;
Elastomeric materials and components;
Consumer products, including household items, sports equipment and electronics.

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